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This page contains info on consoles and games I own.


Playstation 4

Playstation 3

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Gamecube

Nintendo Switch

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Sega MegaDrive




HandHeld Gaming


Reviews are out of 10

The Numbers

the scores are given on a 10 point system with fractions possible but rare.


Unplayable, the game is broken, has severe technical issues.

A game crashes constantly, fails to load, fails to save, glitches that seriously affect gameplay.


Almost Unplayable, while the game may work, it mostly does not.

Save file corrupts, game breaking glitches and game crashes are frequent.


Extremely Poor, for either technical issues or just poorly designed.

Glitches and poor game design, controls are awkward and game play is just not fun.


Bad game, Does not offer anything interesting or fun.

Poor game play, controls are buggy, game is un-interesting, a lot of cash grab games..


Below average, while it may do some things right, it does more wrong.

playable but cookie cutter mediocre gameplay, ripoff games and copycat clones of flappy bird.


Average at best, mediocre game that is easily forgotten.

Possible a licensed game from a tv-show or movie...


It's not bad, but its not good either, some fun to had maybe someone else will really like it.

This is when its starting to at least deserve the title of game, can actually be a pretty decent game.


A good game, this is the good game, that while doing nothing amazing, it is enjoyable, fun

You should definitely buy it when its on sale.


A Really good game, this is the must buy level, loads of fun to be had.

This game deserves your money, full price, hell even pre-order !


Near masterpiece, something very special but just something holding it back from being a true masterpiece.

Get the Special Edition!!


A True Masterpiece, Game as Art, the pinnacle.

Get the Special Edition, the Strategy Guide and the Coffee cup, if they do a special edition console get that too!